eNewsletters - stuff frequency it is all about relevance

By Angela Schuster

Many companies still think an eNewsletter is just an opportunity to blab about how great their company or product is (which their loyal following don't care that much about) and, as part of this mindset, they also seem to be caught up with the question “How frequently should I send my eNewsletter?”

What they fail to realise is that it’s not really their choice, it’s their subscribers and the answer is:

As frequently as your readership will tolerate

That’s it. No science behind it, because at the end of the day if you over-hit someone’s inbox, they’ll hate you for it.

Now the issue with this is that your readership will only tolerate an eNewsletter if it’s perceived by THEM to be relevant. That’s right, they rate relevance over frequency.

The main reason for this is that when companies decide to do an eNewsletter they often end up creating content for the sake of getting the eNewsletter out to a schedule and that’s when you get your company back-slapping and ego-inflating content.

So, stop thinking frequency and start thinking RELEVANCE

Now, because this is important I’ll say it again just to make sure it sinks in – it’s not about frequency, it’s about relevance.

Stop asking "How frequently should I send an eNewsletter?" and instead, start asking “Is this piece of content really (really really really) relevant and valuable in the readers mind?”.