Schuster Images makes an impression

By Peter Schuster

We're proud to see one of the many images from the Schuster Images stock photography website being used by Animal Health Australia (AHA) for the leading image of their 2008 update.

The Animal Health in Australia 2008 report is a great resource about the status, systems, programs and new initiatives for animal health in Australia and we're excited to be associated with it.

AHA was having difficulty finding just the right image for their cover and turned to the Schuster Images stock photography site to solve their problem. Check out how the image looks (pdf), you can also download a copy of the report or obtain a hard copy directly from AHA (it's a weighty tomb but well worth the read).

Imagery is an important part of engaging with an audience and Schuster Images has been created as a quick and easy source of quintessential Australian imagery. Detailed descriptions and keywords are provided for all images to help you select the right image for your project.

Whether it be iconically Australian photographs or instructional imagery, the ability of Schuster Images photographers to capture the essence of a moment is something that will help make your publication or website as engaging and informative as possible - just like the Animal Health in Australia 2008 publication.