Meet CIRRi

If you need a website content management system, email marketing solution, customer relationship management system, ecommerce ability, Web 2.0 functionality or online analytics then meet CIRRi - our online business system powered by Business Catalyst.

You can buy CIRRi as a full solution or break her down into three modules:

As well as these key systems CIRRi provides world class hosting, top class analytics and reporting and easy to use administration features.

Contact us for a demonstration and free trial.

CIRRiCMS - Website management

  • Website editing – Microsoft Word like WYSIWYG
  • Site-wide templates for consistency
  • Security enabled for particular web pages
  • Integrated customer database
  • Publish any type of content
  • Web form builder and site search features
  • Archiving and roll back
  • Work flow and approval process

  • RSS, Blogs, forums, galleries, ad rotators and “members only areas
  • Built in meta data framework

CIRRiMAiL - Email marketing

  • Send one-off emails, event triggered emails, loyalty emails or nurturing emails
  • Create unlimited lists and segments for better targeting and results
  • Customised landing pages for improved conversions
  • Send a campaign to any customer group or the entire customer database
  • Systems to increase email deliverability and reduce spam
  • Grow your database every time a user subscribes or interacts with your website
  • Double opt-in and auto-responders for any enquiry or subscription
  • Powerful metrics and reports to show user actions

CIRRieCOM - eCommerce and customer database

  • Sell products or e-products
  • Upload catalogues and produce e-catalogues
  • Inventory control, shipping options, discount codes and multi-currency support
  • Integration with popular payment gateways
  • Allow event registration and bookings, manage capacity and collect payments
  • Sophisticated customer reporting framework and filtering
  • Lead management features
  • Email or SMS notifications when users subscribe, respond or enquire
  • Keep a history of all user and customer enquiries and activities

Other features

Web apps

  • A framework to create any type of content, eg: job listings, real-estate listings
  • Allow customers to search within any web app on your site
  • Report on web apps and drill down to see item usage

Email management

  • POP3 email accounts with webmail interface
  • Unlimited aliases for each mailbox, catch-all address
  • Out-of-office auto responder and mail forwarding

Search engine optimisation

  • Integrates with Google/Yahoo/Live sitemap
  • Search engine friendly URLs


  • Geo-location reporting
  • Detailed visitors reporting including new vs returning, location and more
  • Detailed reporting on every type of content
  • Search engine reporting, eg: search phrases, site indexing and more accessibility and administration

Web-based administration and FTP access

  • Import/export option
  • Be notified of updates via email or SMS
  • Export reports to Microsoft Excel for further analysis