Certified Pasturefed raising the steaks

Making claims on food labels can be fraught with problems, especially if those claims can’t be backed up with verifiable information and records. In order to tap into a growing consumer trend towards sustainability produced food and beef from cattle that have been more naturally raised, the Australian beef cattle industry launched a program designed to certify pasturefed production methods: The Pasturefed Certified Assurance System (or PCAS).

Schuster Consulting Group (SCG) was charged by the Cattle Council of Australia to run a pilot program to establish the PCAS Standards. The result is a robust and workable set of standards that beef producers can adopt in order to sell cattle Certified Pasturefed and ensure their product is as claimed. SCG was also instrumental in engaging meat processors to start marketing their product as meeting the PCAS standard, and now several processors offer significant premiums to beef producers if they can demonstrate their production systems are certified. 

Ongoing communication of PCAS is also vital, to ensure eligible beef producers reach certification, as a critical volume of product is required to gain and maintain consumer confidence in pasture-fed beef. SCG managed adoption and engagement activities throughout the supply chain in order to deliver Certified Pasturefed beef to discerning consumers. The end result – a new range of products launched in partnership between Teys Australia and Woolworths:

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