Sharing learings from the Australian rangelands

The Australian goatmeat industry has experienced strong growth over the past 20 years and this growth has been largely supported by the sale of goats derived from rangeland or extensive production systems.

Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA), as the research and development organisation associated with the goatmeat industry, has supported goat industry development through targeted research, development and extension activities. These activities have focused on improving the capacity of the industry to reliably supply goatmeat of a consistent quality to meet increasing global demand through the Going into Goats Program.

MLA contracted Schuster Consulting Group to pull together the experience of more than 50 goat producers operating in Australia’s rangelands to develop a guide to producing goats in extensive grazing systems. The result is Going into Goats: A guide to producing goats in the rangelands, an up-to-date online and offline resource, through which goat producers can be confident they are accessing relevant and road tested information and strategies for producing goats in rangelands.

Rather than reinventing the wheel, Schuster Consulting drew on the experiences of some of Australia’s best rangeland producers, and the guide highlights the factors that these producers have identified as critical to the successful operation of a goat enterprise.

It was also imperative that the 20-year knowledge gap in industry development that exists between states was acknowledged. The guide aims to circumvent that through the sharing of ideas from around the country, and these ideas are presented in a format that is sensitive to the needs of different industry participants.

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