Implementation & Engagement

While strategy, planning, project management and standards are fundamental to providing a sound basis for operations, how a plan or program is implemented and the engagement that supports implementation will ultimately determine its effectiveness. 

 Whether you require on-tap tactical execution for ongoing projects, have critical work that must be implemented or an ongoing campaign to be managed, you can rely on us to develop and deliver an implementation plan, deliver against a pre-existing plan or to satisfy a discrete implementation requirement. 

Realise the Plan

Even the best laid plans and programs can fail with mediocre implementation and management. So, what ensures good implementation? Mckinsey&Company suggests that ownership, commitment, prioritisation, and sufficient resources and capabilities set “good implementers” apart from the rest.

Schuster Consulting understands and anticipates the ups and downs of implementing strategies, plans and programs and is able to sustain momentum, guide and drive these concepts through the implementation process to successful conclusion.

Engagement Matters

A critical component of project or program implementation, is ensuring that the activities engage and resonate with key stakeholders. This is vital when working within the agriculture, food production, natural resource management and technology sectors within Australia or internationally.

It is all very well to communicate but to actually engage is the real challenge and the ability to implement engaging programs and projects that deliver true results sets Schuster Consulting Group apart.

When we focus on engaging with your key stakeholders, our objective is to effect change. This may be through encouraging the adoption of new practices, products or technology, achieving internal support for a project or simply increasing awareness, understanding or sales.

Influence the Influencers

Traditional methods of program communication often fall short of actually engaging with stakeholders. We focus on “influencing the influencers”; that is leveraging traditional but more importantly, the non-traditional networks within particular industry sectors to achieve your engagement objectives.

By working to influence the influencers we can help you tap into and leverage the relationships that already exist in particular sectors and access channels that have genuine influence over your key stakeholders.

Engage, Resonate and Compel

There are many ways to engage and it is not always clear which method will resonate with your stakeholders. The shortest route from A to C is not always via B and the ‘cookie cutter’ approach to engagement is becoming ineffective in an increasingly cluttered and noisy environment.

Our approach is dynamic, flexible and delivers the maximum benefit to you.


The types of activities we can undertake for you include:

  • Program management, including day-to-day management
  • Implementation working group or committee management
  • Strategic research, marketing and planning
  • Campaign or program development and implementation
  • Briefings, training and facilitation
  • Industry and stakeholder engagement and relations

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