Project & Program Management

A plan is only as good as the program management that supports its implementation.

The planning, organising and management of resources is critical in ensuring the successful completion of a specific project or program.

Whether managing a strategic program, co-ordinating subject matter experts to deliver an outcome, deploying a multi-faceted engagement campaign or managing the delivery of a high-stakes project, our rigorous but flexible project management methodology begins with determining the nature and scope of your project and ends with successful delivery of project objectives.

Solid Methodology

We will take you through a structured journey involving:

  • Scoping and needs analysis
  • Reviewing, planning and project design
  • Budgeting and risk management
  • Stakeholder liaison, relationship building and communication
  • Facilitating, mentoring and speaking engagements
  • Production, implementation and task management
  • Resource and contract management and scheduling
  • Project committee management and secretariat activities
  • Piloting, trialling and testing
  • Monitoring, controlling and reporting

Schuster Consulting Group can manage your project utilising your internal resources or we can bring together our own project team and processes designed specifically to ensure your project’s success.

Project Management in Action

Understanding that sometimes mixing the “green” and the “brown” makes for a murky colour, a major environmental conservation group appointed Schuster Consulting Group as Project Managers to engage with the Australian pastoral livestock sector.

We were charged with developing a Pastoral Partnership Program to complement the conservation company’s acquisition program and in doing so allow them to significantly extend their ability to promote biodiversity and conservation in rural and regional Australia.

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